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Grant Program

Smart Energy Decisions’ Grant Program covers registration and travel expenses for qualifying energy customers.

Program Qualifications

Eligible program participants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be responsible for recommending, evaluating, reviewing, and/or selecting energy and sustainability related products and services for your organization.
  • Have organizational energy goals and/or climate commitments which require renewable energy, energy efficiency tools, or associated solutions.
  • Agree to conduct a minimum of six to eight 20-minute onsite meetings with participating energy solutions sponsors. These 1:1 meetings are rated one of the most valuable elements of Smart Energy Decisions’ events and are based on a dual opt-in process to ensure they’re useful for both buyers and energy solutions sponsors.

Next Steps

  1. Apply as a 1:1 meeting participant, answering application questions to the best of your ability.
  2. Schedule a quick 15-minute phone call with our Community Development team to discuss the needs of your active or upcoming project.

Team Program

We know cooperation across the enterprise is critical to achieve Net Zero goals. Contact us to learn more about cost savings offered to qualified teams.

The Grant Program

Provided by Smart Energy Decisions to address the reality that travel budgets are tight and stretched thin. There is no obligation for an executive buyer to do business with any of the energy solutions providers participating in the event. SED’s only requirement is that executive buyers come ready to learn, attend the general sessions, network with peers, and meet with the energy solutions providers that they select during the 1:1 meetings segment of the event.

How The Program Works

The following information is provided for compliance departments who need details on how the program works.

Smart Energy Decisions (SED) makes Grants available through a blind pool that is funded by a portion of sponsorship fees collected from all event sponsors. The grants are used directly to pay for airfare, hotel rooms, and food costs related to the event of qualified buyer executives.

The blind pool ensures that no single sponsor is funding the grant for any individual buyer executive. Further, as Smart Energy Decisions will not bid as a energy solutions provider on any buyer executive projects, SED does not have a energy solution provider relationship with attending buyer executives.

The use of a blind pool of funds and the fact that SED is not soliciting business from buyer executives, combine to provide a Grant program that meets with the approval of most compliance departments.

Meeting Details

  • The required 20-minute meetings will total up to less than three hours.
  • Meetings will be held during dedicated hours and will not overlap with the educational conference sessions or networking activities.
  • Prior to the Net Zero Forum, you will receive a Sponsor Profiles report to help evaluate energy solutions sponsors and determine those with whom you would like to meet onsite.
  • You must actively schedule and manage your meetings through our Scheduling Platform. We will host a technical training webinar prior to launch to ensure you know how to navigate the platform; as always, our team is happy to help troubleshoot and assist.

Grant Options

  1. Full Grant Program: SED covers the costs for the buyer executive’s airfare, hotel, and meals during the event.
  2. Complimentary Registration and Hotel: Buyer executive works with SED operations team to coordinate travel times and pays for their own airfare. SED covers executive buyer’s conference registration and hotel (room & tax).
  3. Complimentary Registration: Executive buyer works with SED operations team to coordinate travel times and pays for their own airfare and hotel costs. SED covers executive buyer’s event registration costs only.

Have questions? Contact our team.

The Fine Print

Professionals engaged in sales, marketing, or business development for an organization providing energy or sustainability related products and services to energy customers do not qualify. Determination of qualification is at the sole discretion of Smart Energy Decisions.

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