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Peer to Peer Conversations (Energy Customers Only)

Feb 27 2024

9:20 AM - 10:20 AM MST

ENERGY CUSTOMERS: The essential peer to peer conversations will begin with an industry overview conducted by Peter Kelly-Detwiler, Principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners LLC. Then we’ll break out into smaller groups for table talks to discuss current industry challenges and solutions.

Table Topics:

  1. Finding and Vetting New Suppliers: How to form and enhance these key relationships to get your goals and projects to the finish line
  2. Making the Business Case for Net Zero:  How to communicate ROI and benefits of your energy and sustainability strategies to senior leadership to gain internal support and access to those all-important CAPEX dollars
  3. Pathway to Net Zero Goals: What are the steps toward setting your goals and timelines? Which projects do you take on first? How do you determine the most beneficial strategies for your organization?
  4. Money!: IRA funds?Green bonds? Grants? Energy as a service? How do you pay for the transition to clean energy?
  5. Ever-Changing Regulatory and Reporting Standards: How are you keeping track of changing rules from government and certification bodies? How are you managing data from multiple sources and formats?

*For 1:1 Meeting Participants only


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