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Spotlight Session – Port of Los Angeles’s Plan to Reach Zero Emissions

Sep 19 2023

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM MST

The Port of Los Angeles’s initial 2006 Clean Air Action Plan was originally focused on reducing diesel particulate matter as well as the health risk to its workers and the residents in the surrounding community.  In 2017, the port updated the plan to work toward decarbonizing operations and moving to zero emissions.  Notably, it contained the following two goals: a zero-emission cargo handling equipment fleet by 2030; and, a zero-emission trucking fleet by 2035.  Tim DeMoss, Environmental Affairs Officer for the Port of Los Angeles, will explain how the Port’s aggressive goals sometimes contain difficult obstacles. Mr. DeMoss will review the Port’s plans and lessons learned in adding battery electric and hydrogen equipment to support the movement of freight in and out of the port.  He will also include information on obtaining grants and working with OEMs to eventually commercialize this specialized equipment.


Port of Los Angeles

- Environmental Affairs Officer

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