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Patricia Laskowsky

Patricia Laskowsky works at General Motors as a Global Technical Specialist in the Vehicle Energy Transfer domain, which really means she move electrons on and off the vehicle. Her work includes providing the best customer experience when it comes to charging your EV, fast charging and providing innovative charging features. She also works on ground new breaking technology with V2x technologies, including Vehicle to Home, Vehicle to Grid, and Vehicle to Loads/Vehicles. As the electric vehicles become more widely adopted, she is developing technology to make Electric Vehicles part of the EV ecosystem where the vehicle is part of the solution for grid stability and home back-up. In addition, she is highly engaged in industry standards, especially in the charging communication domain; Patricia participates in many ISO and SAE standard committees to make develop/enhanced charging applications standard and interoperable.


Feb 28 2024

10:05 AM - 10:25 AM

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